Since I try to be a smarter shopper these days...one thing we try to do is go to Costco about once a month or so. I wouldn't say we buy our groceries there, but on some things I believe there is serious savings in buying bulk. For example the meats in bulk do tend to be cheaper, but we also have a vacuum sealer to save and freeze what we buy.

Anyway, when we go to Costco, as you most likely know, they give away samples to entice passersby and drive sales. So the diet advice of not shopping hungry, applies double here. But, there is no harm in looking and sometimes the samples are actually good for you, like when the sample is for
Naked Juice.

Naked Juice is my new favorite thing for a few reasons. First of all it is real juice. Not from concentrate, not flavored water with added vitamins, but actual juice from fruits that already have vitamins. Second, there bottles are recycled and recylable. And, Naked is a company that seems to truly care about the environment and where their products come from...inside and out, from start to finish, and I support that.
Blue Machine is my favorite flavor so far, creamy blueberry deliciousness! And, next on my list are the Gold Machine (pineapple) and Mighty Mango.

Check out the company info, the flavors, and all they pack into that little recycled bottle, and try this juice!