Bean Brownies?!?!?!?!!?

First of all, I have not tried this recipe. This recipe was suggested to me by someone I will call an acquaintance.

I was told it makes the brownies healthier because it adds protein and fiber and eliminates some of the cholesterol and fat.

But, wait....BEANS?


Beans in the brownies?!?!?!

Allegedly, I am told you cannot taste the beans after they have cooled. And, the after they have cooled part was stressed, so I assume that's important.

So...the recipe.

You will need a box of regular brownie mix, meaning no addition goodness such as caramel, nuts, chocolate chips, etc. and a can a black beans.

Dump the beans into a blender or food processor or what have you...including the syrupy bean goo they are packaged in. Blend until the beans are very clearly no longer beans. I am told this will resemble Hersey's Syrup.

Mix the bean syrup with the brownie mix and bake per the package directions.

And, ....enjoy?

I admit I have not yet had the courage to try these, but...


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