Organic Candy

I know I am a day late on this one, but I have never been one to limited my candy consumption to Halloween.

Yesterday, someone who knows about my blog asked if I was giving out organic Halloween candy. Well, I wasn't, but that was only because it was for people I didn't know and I went the lazy route.

But, then they asked me if they make such a thing.

Of course they do!

I think it's important to remember that there is pretty much an organic version of everything.
Organic isn't a creating a whole new way of doing things that someone needs to invent. It is a choice to make things in the same way, using better ingredients and methods.


Here are some links to organic candy sites. It might be too late this Halloween, but keep them in mind for gift giving anytime of the year!


College Farm Organic Candy

Pamela's Raw Organic Candy

Pure Fun

Sugar Coated Organics

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