Sunburn Cures

If you missed my riveting expose on sunscreen, chances are you ended up with a nasty sunburn.

If so, shame on you!

But, to show that all the nasty things people say about aren't entirely true...I am going to help you out.

Here are some effective ways to take the sting out of the burn:

Lavender Essential Oil. Drip onto the effected area, and very gently rub it around.

Vinegar. Just soak some face clothes in white vinegar, and apply to the skin.

Baking Soda. Just like vinegar, there are a million uses for baking soda, and one happens to be treating sunburns. You can add this to a bath or make a paste and apply it to the burn.

Cold Whole Milk. Not so cold that send the person into shock, but cold. Again, just soak a face cloth and apply to the effected area. Be sure to take a shower afterward or you won't be very popular the next day.

Aloe Vera. Many people know about this one, but unfortunately most OTC "aloe" isn't actually pure aloe, so the relief you're seeking isn't going to happen. Either pop open an actual leaf, or go to a health food store where you are buying the real thing.

Tea. Make a tea using about 4 teabags per quart. Allow the tea to cool to lukewarm. Soak a rag or dark colored face cloth in the tea, and place the soaked cloth onto the victim. This will drip, so do so in the tub, or laying on an old towel.

Water. This is sort of a no brainer, but important to remember. You need to hydrate yourself...inside and out. Take lots of baths and drink lots of water.

Yogurt. Apply a thick layer to the burn and allow it to sit for about an hour, and rinse.

Crushed Ice and Instant Potatoes. This was one of the more unique remedies I came across. I almost want to go out and fry myself just so I can see if it really works. The ice is obvious, but the starch in the potato is helpful as well.

Preparation H. Reduces the inflammation and takes out the sting...everywhere apparently.

Cucumber Slices. Apply thin slices of cold cucumber to the burn and remove when they become warm.

Mashed Strawberries. I wasn't able to find out why this should be helpful, but there you go. Strawberries.

Which Hazel. This has a lovely, and much appreciated, cooling effect.

1 part Tomato & 6 parts Buttermilk. Pour onto the burn and allow to sit for 1 hour. Rinse, and repeat as necessary.

Again, keep in mind, it is much easier to prevent than to treat! Wear sunscreen

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