October 2012 Foodie PenPals Reveal

Every month I think to myself this month's FPP cannot possible be as good as last month's because last month was SO great...

And, every month I am wrong!

First, you should know I am sort of known among my circle of friends and family as the gift person...the one that's a little Marta Stewart-ish. I try to pay attention all year to different comments about interests, hobbies, likes, past times, favorite foods, etc...and mentally file it away for Christmas and birthdays. And, I shop for gifts year round and throw them into a designated gift drawer or closet for later wrapping. It really isn't as much work as it sounds...after a while it's just habit to always have your eyes peeled for things.

For example, my cousin's boyfriend likes English bulldogs, ad last summer at a thrift store there was a set of 3 ceramic English bulldogs wearing Santa hats for arouns $5. I, of course, scooped them up and put them away...and impressed everyone with my thoughfulness...and my husband with my frugalness.

Back to FPP...this month, my penpal, Joyce, made me feel like I needed to up MY gift giving game!! She sent one of the best gifts I have ever received. In or out of the FPP program!! Thanks, Joyce!!

So....the package.

I really can't express how much I miss living in New England, especially at this time of the year. I get pretty homesick starting around September. Thankfully, my grandmother has spent the last few Christmases in Las Vegas with us, so that helps.

And, so did Joyce's package! It was truly was a little box of fall!! It was perfect.


She sent a photo of the lake where she vacationed, and it showed the leaves changing colors and reflecting in the lake. Beautiful!

Next, pumpkin pasta! I haven't tried it yet, but it came with a great recipe using fresh sage and almonds, both of which Joyce included.

Pumpkin hot chocolate mix. I think the word is out about me a cocoa.

A chocolate bar with dried fruits and nuts from Lake Placid Chocolatier! It lasted a few hours. Delicious.

An apple ginger Earnest Eats bar. I had never heard of these before. But, it was good for you and delicious. I haven't found them in my neck of the woods yet.

Maple teas and maple hard candies. OMG!! I LOVE maple candy. Like...LOVE IT!! These inspired me to want to learn to make maple sugar candy...and, buy a candy cookbook.

A giant gingerbread cookie. I. Love. Gingerbread. It it hands down one of my top 3 joys in life.

Carob dipped doggie treats for my 3 dogs!! It just gets me when my penpals send things to my dogs...my dogs are my world and it is so impressive to me when other people acknowledge that.

Finally....my absolute favorite part of the package...REAL FALL LEAVES!!! Joyce made me a little teary with that one.

Again, I really recommend checking out Foodie PenPals. I just love it. I like meeting new people, getting introduced to delicious new products, and finding the perfect gifts to send!!

The Lean Green Bean


Gnoe (@graasland) said...

That's awesome - you're one lucky gal :) Sounds like a lovely parcel to get.

Keeley Watts said...

Fabulous themed box, love that she sent treats for your doggies too :)

Keeley @