Guest Post From Gigi

Gigi was my Foodie Penpal for September. After we emailed back and forth a bit, and got to know each other, I really wanted to get her something special...well, as special as you can with a $15 cap. I really felt like Gigi and I embodied what we all look for in something like Foodie Penpals...we live in different parts of the country and lead different lives...and yet, have LOTS in common, and have become fast friends over sharing food!!

Anyway...per usual I over analyze my gift giving for FPP! Of course I want to send my penpal something they like, something they will use, but it is also really imposrtant to me that what I send, also, be very personal and truly from me.

As I explained in my "something hand written" to Gigi, September is the beginning of Fall...and Fall reminds me of apples (and my birthday). So, I went CRAZY snatching up all things apple for Gigi's package. Truth be told I probably went a little over budget, but I couldn't help myself.

I am super excited that Gigi kindly offered to write something for this blog because it gives an opinion about FPP other than my own! So without further ado...Gigi's guest post (with photos)!!

 Can you guess what's in my box?? Look at the box for clues.

Hi Jessica,
I wanted to give you a quick email thank you for your blog.

I would like to thank Jessica for my lovely Food Pen Pal goody box I received this month. Waiting for the mailman to deliver my box has the same joy and excitement one has on Christmas Eve. Oh, the anticipation.

I joined The Lean Green Bean Foodie Penpals in August. I remember telling my mom I had just joined this fabulous group. This was the last conversation I had with her before she passed away on August 11th.  Jessica's box brought back a lot of happy memories of my mom. We both shared a love of apples. I opened my box on Jessica's birthday.My box was filled with many lovely apple treats.

One of my favorite candies I shared with mom was the Werther's Carmel Apple Filled candies. The Carmel Apple Hot cider is a perfect treat to make on a cloudy and rainy day in San Antonio. My dad is a big Peanuts fan. We will share some of this tasty cider next week when I'm in El Paso. My mom loved apple cider, so we will make a toast on October 5th for her birthday.

My favorite items were a darling apple cinnamon stick spoon. How cute! Jessica knew I had a crazy month for work, love the Apples and Cinnamkn breakfast on the go snacks. The apple crisp mix reminds me of the Sunday's with Joy group, making Main Bait's apple crisp. The mulled cider and apple & berries candles are amazing! My kitchen smells heavenly.

I collect cookie cutters and I have a new apple cookie cutter to add to my collection. I love my new apple cookbook!

One of my earliest baking memories was when I brought back apples from Cloudcroft, NM. Mom showed me how to make my first apple pie. These are the memories I cherish.

My favorite part of the entire apple themed box was the letter Jessica wrote. As I read the letter which was written on apple themed paper,  it was just like Jessica and I were sitting around my kitchen table. I am so honored she included her grandmother's apple pie recipe. Jessica's grandmother reminds me of  my Grandma Jo who was a baker. I've been looking through my mom's recipes and have come across hand written notes stuffed into the cookbooks. One of my favorite things to do, is write in my cookbooks. These notes are so treasured memories.


I am proud to call Jessica, my treasured friend. Whenever you come to San Antonio, we will have to have a mug of cider and an apple cider donut. Thanks for the delicious memory box.

 Love my apple themed treats!
 What a lovely cinnamon stick spoon! Love it!!!

My favorite home made treat! Lots of love was put into this recipe.
What a treasure! Thanks for sharing a part of your family with me.


Carrie Burrill said...

Thanks so much for entering in my Yankee Magazine giveaway! What a small world Gigi is a friend of mine from my group Sundays With Joy.

Mrs. K said...

Awe!! No way!! Such a small world sometimes. Gigi is awesome!!