Happy Chickens

What came first?

The chicken?

Or, the egg?

Just kidding.

Have you noticed that at the grocery store there are now a whole bunch of seemingly kinder egg choices? Cartons that say "free range" or "cage free"? I certainly have, and since I am on an unending quest to be better, I choose those cartons before the non. Mr. K, of course, mocks this gesture as useless.

He says: "They're just chickens."

I say: "It's good karma."

But, at the end of the day, eggs are eggs, right?


As it turns out, egg distributors are allowed to claim these kinder and gentler egg producing tactics simply by opening the cage doors for only 5 minutes a day!

I mean, I am not like a big chicken advocate or anything. After all, I eat them, but the thought of a poor defenseless chicken being kept in a tiny cage for its whole life...just laying eggs whether she wants to or not...is just sad.

And, it goes way beyond just being cooped up...you can do your own research on this topic if you dare. It isn't pretty! Just do a regular old internet search for inhumane chickens and see what you get.

If you want to stay in the dark, I honestly don't blame you, but you may still want to make better choices where you can. As for as eggs go, this means looking for "certified humane"! That's a regulated certification, where the egg producers get inspected regularly.

Check out greenerchoices.org for more information on food labels, "green" claims and the like. It is a site from the publishers of Consumer Reports magazine, and it has lots of useful info.

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