Martha's Mittens

I don't normally watch Martha Stewart, however, I do sometimes catch Whatever Martha. If you haven't seen this show, it is basically Martha Stewart's daughter and her friend watching Martha Stewart segments and making fun of them. Most of the time the show is pretty funny, if you can get past Alexis Stewart's pretentiousness.

Anyway, the other day they were watching a segment where Martha Stewart took old cashmere sweaters, and made them into mittens. I decided the project was within the realm of my capabilities, so I gave it a shot, and you can too!

First I dug out a couple of old sweaters, the bulkier the better in this case. For the record, unlike Martha's mittens, mine were not cashmere.

Next take a regular old piece of paper, and trace you hand in mitten position. Two words of advice here...1) Leave a fairly generous border around your hand 'cause you don't want the mittens too tight. 2) Trace down onto your wrist a bit 'cause you don't want the mittens too short.

Cut out the mitten pattern, and lay it on the sweater. Martha recommends lining up the mitten cut out with the bottom of the sweater, since the bottom of the sweater is usually finished and gathered. Cut out 4 mitten shapes, again, cutting a little bit of a border around the paper.

Match the mitten pieces up and pin them together, 2 and 2. Sew around the pattern, turn the mittens inside out, and...

VoilĂ !


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