If you aren't planning a trip this summer, why not make staying home more fun? You don't have to leave town to have an active vacation.

Here are 10 ways to liven up your leisure time at home (or at least in the neighborhood).

1. Check into adult swim hours at your local pool. Hit the water and swim some laps.

2. Instead of climbing the walls at home, literally climb the walls — at a local rock-climbing gym

3. Dust off your bike and cycle through your neighborhood

4. Grab a partner and visit the public tennis courts or golf course; forgoing the golf cart, of course.

5. Take a walking tour of your town's business and shopping area.

6. Put on a pair of in-line skates and do some laps in the park.

7. Head for the local bowling alley or ice rink for an hour or two

8. Move your weight-training and toning exercises into the backyard.

9. Find some empty bleachers at a local school and do some open-air stair climbing

10. Set up a croquet set, basketball hoop or volleyball net in your yard and challenge your kids to a game.

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