To "O" Or Not To "O"...

Since I started my organic campaign the ongoing debate, while wondering through the grocery store with Mr. K, is hwat difference it makes...besides the price.

I maintain that even if its a tiny better for you, why not? Don't all the tiny little bits add up? Don't get me wrong, I read the labels and I have a pretty good grasp on which ones mean what. If you don't check out this post.

Mr. K says it is an evil plot to get more money. The end.

So, when should you choose the organic option over the conventional choice?

Here is a little advice on when to splurge on the "O"..

1.Anything that is normally grown using man made pesticides. Fruits, veggies, nuts, etc

2. Anything you eat or drink in large quantites. For example, if you eat lots of cheese or pasta opt for organic when you buy that item.

So, there you go. 2 little steps.

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