Water 101

Many years ago it was preached to us that we needed to start drinking more water, and lots of it.
So, we did.

And, pretty soon, everywhere you went there were people faithfully carrying water bottles everywhere they went!

Today, people all over the world spend billions of dollars for something in a bottle that all of us can get for free from our kitchen faucets.


Some people say it tastes better and others say its better for you. But, it that really how we feel or have we been conditioned to feel that way?

Check out this
20/20 segment.

Moving on.

More recently we are being told that we should be drinking water, but we shouldn't be drinking it out of plastic bottles. The reasons why vary.

Some people are environmentalist. The billion dollar bottled water industry dumps 60,000,000 empty bottles into American landfills...DAILY!

Personally, I don't think you need to be an environmentalist to think that stat is just plain horrible. Who in their right mind would be OK with this? Even if it's out of sight, out of mind...eventually, at this rate, it won't stay that way.

Some people are health junkies.

They claim that the plastic that are designer water comes in is killing us...slowly and surely! They tell us that the plastic bottle itself is putting invisible chemicals into the water that can lead to cancers, birth defects, and other such nastiness.

Some people are just plain scared, not to mention confused.

It is hard to know what is the right thing to do.

To drink or not to drink?


Stainless steel?


Paper? Yes. They make paper water bottles! Do a search.

So...my 2 cents is this:
A) Water should not be this complicated.
B) This is yet another instance where something good for you has gone bad.
C) You really need to get out and educate yourself.

As I mentioned, there are more than a few dollars in this kitty. For some, there is a lot at stake. And, in any situation where that is the case, the truth can get twisted along the way.

Personally, I gave up bottled water initially for the environment. Maybe not completely, but I stopped buying it in bulk from Costco, and now I only buy bottled if I am in a hostage crisis such an airport layover or a cross country drive. Most of the time we rely on the Pur water filter in the refrigerator. I even switched the dogs recently.

But, a few days ago I got an email with another bottled water warning. This one took things to another level by stating that not only should I not drink water out plastic bottles EVER, and especially if I leave them in my hot car, as this breaks down the plastic which then leaches into my water. OK. But, the email then goes on to say that this is also true of microwaving plastic containers, eating hot food with plastic utensils, warming plastic baby bottles....and so on and so on.

This means no Gladwear in your lunch at work. This means no quick reheating on the go. This means the Brita filter I sprung for might be just as damaging at the bottled water I gave up. This means a whole new ballgame, people!

Among many, there is a chemical called BPA which leaks into everything plastic touches. In a nutshell, BPA seemingly mimics the body's own hormones...therefore over time we OD on the effects of hormones, which can lead to birth defect and cancer. And, apparently, this has been a known fact since the 1930's. Again, as always, I encourage your own independent research.

So kids, the going advice these days is keep drinking water, but switching to either a reusable stainless steel or glass model. Purchasing a reusable water bottle is not only beneficial in keeping waste from our landfills, but they are also a healthy alternative to plastic bottles that can leach harmful chemicals including BPA. Stainless steel and glass are 100% recyclable and offers great durability.

Some not only hold the water, but filter it too! With normal drinkage, the filter only needs to be switched out once a year. Which will save lots of time and money over my Brita!

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