TIME Magazine recently reported that Americans throw away 1,000,000,000,000 paper plates and utensils every year. O-M-freakin'-G!!!

BBQ Season is upon us and that means that paper plates, napkins, etc will be the norm. But, how can you look at a number that huge...how can you think about a pile that ginormous...and still grab a pack off the shelf?

The most
earth friendly option, of course, is real dishes that you hand wash afterward. But, logistically they aren't the most user friendly option. They are bulky and breakable. I admit, the paper options make life easier. No dishes after the party. But, why can't we have our cake and eat it too??

We can.

If you’re
in the habit of using disposable paper products when you entertain, challenge yourself the next time you have people over. Use cloth napkins and real plates instead. Or, when your event calls for more portable dishes, choose one of the new eco-friendly options, like 100% recycled plastic plates from Preserve Tableware, plates and trays made from fallen leaves by Verterra, or bioplastic plates made from corn, bamboo, or sugar cane.

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