Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries are seemingly the new big trendy thing. I am seeing them more and more on menus everywhere. I have also bought them frozen, where you just bake them. More recently, though, I have started making them myself which is WAY cheaper.

Making sweet potato fries is extremely easy. I buy a few fresh sweet potatoes at the grocery store, and they last for quite a while if I can't make the fries right away. I opt for fatter ones vs. long skinny ones because I feel like I will get more fries that way...but whatever. I also wash them as soon as I get home, so when I actually decide to cook them, they are ready to go.

To make the fries, start by just cutting up the potato into fries, whatever size and shape you prefer. I usually do a thicker "steak fries" style, and I leave the skins on. The skins are good for you, and I like rustic sort of look they give.

Once they are cut, I throw them into a bowl with a Tbl of olive oil, add whatever seasons I am using, and toss them to coat. Then I bake them at 375 for about 15 minutes or until golden.

The recipe for making them really depends on you, and what seasoning your like. Personally I like rosemary, and I adore garlic. I have also done them with steak seasoning or rubs as well. And since some like it hot, you can always do cayenne pepper. For this step...the sky is the limit. Use your imagination. Get creative.

And, speaking of creative, you don't have to stop at sweet potatoes. I have also tried zucchini fries and celery root fries. Both are also delicious and a healthy alternative to traditional french fries. I like to make a big plate of them for lunch. They are so good, so filling, and FAT FREE!!!

In fact, sweet potatoes are hugely good for you! A superfood if you will. They are a fiber powerhouse, which is great news if you are watching your weight since fiber keeps you fuller longer. They have all sorts of Vitamins...A, B, and C to name a few. The are good for your eyes, your heart, your blood sugar, your cholesterol. I liked this article, if you want to read more.


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