Let Them Eat Cake!

Last weekend was my grandfather's 80th birthday. Mr. K & I flew home for the party, which I and my aunt planned. Anyway, it occurred to me that I inhereted my sweet tooth from one, or both, of my grandparents. I was surprisingly good about watching what I ate and I even brought my workout stuff with me. But, its hard to say no all 55 times someone offers you candy, ice cream, etc...which is how my grandmother rolls.

So the party was actually on Saturday, and just about everyone showed. And, since he had recently suffered a fall, my grandfather was only able to make a cameo. As I said I did a good portion of the planning including the cake. The theme was gameshows, so the cake was a Wheel of Fortune wheel. Mr. K helped (AKA took over), and it came out really cute. But, the strangest thing happened just after we played Jimpardy and ate...a complete set cousins who shall remain nameless left...as in BEFORE THE CAKE. Ummm...who leaves before the best part? Oh well, more buttercream for me.

Then just today, which is now yesterday, my friend Sally made a comment on Facebook about going to her nephew's birthday party, but said she was going to miss the cake. OMFG! WHAT??!?!? Another one?So, it has occurred to me that this is some new crazy ass trend of the worst kind. As Mr. K would say "Are you a communist?" Who doesn't want cake? It's mindboggling to me. It is the antithesis of me. In fact, I refuse to go anywhere unless there will be cake available.


I'm OK.

Getting back to my grandparents for just a moment. I joke about them eating so much sugar, and I honestly wish they ate better, but it is part of why I am so comforted when I am with them. It's silly, and certainly there is more to my relationship than that, but I love that when I am with them I am a little girl again and Nan & Grampy will always have little treats for me.

I make a conscious effort these days to eat better and exercise. I worry about my weight and health just like everyone else. And, after all, that is how my little blog was born. But, there also has to be a line. I think it is just as unhealthy to always deny yourself. Dessert feeds your soul. It's one of life's happy endings, and we need happy endings in today's world.

Ernestine Ulman, an American writer, said "Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first."

I agree!

Life is short. Cake is delicious. Indulge.

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