I'm Baaaackk....

Did you miss me?

Don't lie.

I can't believe I wrote nothing for all of July. My excuse is that I went back to work after my foot resting episode and I took an accelerated summer class. I enjoyed the class even though it was super demanding. Monday through Thursday 6:00 to 8:30. We had a paper due and a test every Monday. Lots and lots of reading, but I found the subject matter interesting, so it wasn't too bad. It wasn't required for my degree, but it boosted my GPA. I got an A. The fall semester starts on the 25th, so I have a little time to myself and OD in the meantime.

Speaking of OD, I officially hate my job. I feel so burnt out. I don't have any pride or passion for what I do. I have looked around a little bit, but so far nothing. I really just want to go to school and get it done, but that is a scary idea for Mr. K, since he is a $$$$$ man. I say you need to spend $ to make $, and my education is an investment and the sooner I get done the better off we all will be.

What else? I got a hummingbird feeder. And, I have been watching like a little kid waiting for Santa for them to come. Up until 2 days ago...nothing. But, after my horrible day on Monday I was sitting outside with Cori and sure enough one came. It was really cool 'cause he came at sat in the tree, then he flew right up to my face...so close I flinched. Then I told him about the feeder and he flew away like he was leaving, but then turned and went over to it. YAY! His name is Sheridan.

Mark's brother and his wife are expecting a baby girl. Better them than me.

I started experimenting with essential oils. I wanted them to add to my homemade cleaning products. So far I have really only put them in the laundry, but I have read about mixing a few drops into the box of baking soda and scenting it for say, sprinkling on the carpet. I got lime and mandarin orange. And, its no joke...A LITTLE GOES A LOOOONG WAY.

Happy 25th Anniversary to Bobby & Jan!

I am off to buy some stones...

Hope your all having a great summer!

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