The Queen Of Marinades

I don't cook.

But, since my new organicness requires that I actually turn on the stove...I have been giving it the old college try.

The most versatile skill I have been developing is the use of various marinades.

Last week it was the beer and garlic concoction.

The other day it was the mustard...which if I just may say was extremely yummy!

Last night is was half a bottle of white Merlot and a Tbl each of rosemary, basil, sage, and thyme.

And, tonight it is lime juice and coconut milk...and I am cooking my rice in coconut milk as well.

I love that I can throw everything in a giant bowl and let it soak overnight.

I feel like since whatever I am cooking makes the house smell so good and comes out with such flavor...that I have really accomplished something.

If any of you have ideas for really good marinades let me know!

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