Stop & Watch The Hummingbirds

Even though I have lived here for nearly 5 years, most people know LV isn't in my top ten places to live. However, every now and again, there is something that stops me and makes me...if only for a moment...happy I live here.

Most recently, that something has been the hummingbirds.

Cori looks out the window for hours at a time, so out of boredom from being out of work with my foot, I decided to join her. It was about dusk, and I was initially sitting and feeling sorry for myself because Mr. K was away AGAIN, and I was facing another night alone. Then, something very unexpected cheered me up. The hummingbirds. They are most active at dusk. Maybe because the bugs are too or maybe because its cooler. I'm not sure.

The first time I saw one, I truly thought I was looking at the fastest and largest flying insect I had ever seen! But, after it landed up in my tree, I was able to get a closer look, and found it was a teeny tiny bird. You know how something is called something else and you never really know why? Well, for some reason I thought hummingbirds were called birds, but not really birds. I was wrong. So, over the last 5 years, I have seen them but very infrequently. You can read all about them here.

Back to the other night...I was sitting in the front window, and I spotted one swooping around my neighbors tree across the street. I kinda got lost in my thoughts while I was watching it, and all of a sudden it flew over to our yard. It was about 2 feet from the ground and straight ahead of me about 3 feet away. So close! Like he came over just to say hello.

I don't know what it is that I like about them, but I do. And, it sort of reminded me that we should all take those small unexpected moments of purity and joy...and really seek them out and savour them.

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