Just Believe...

Let me first say, I love Christmas.

While this isn't exactly so unusual, I do believe my passion for this time of year exceeds that of everyone I know. For example, my tree and lights must be up on Thanksgiving. And, my husband still makes jokes about me moving to Finland after he dies to become an elf (which is still a dream of mine). Ask if you really want to whole story- its short.

Speaking of Mr. K, he is one of those people who feels Christmas has lost it's true meaning and has become too commercial. It makes him really sad...which, in turn, makes me sad. But, I have to disagree with him. While some people might view this time of year solely as a commercial holiday, others open their hearts more than they do at any other time of year. Deep down in their hearts...they believe!

That is what I see at Christmas.

For me, that is Santa Claus! And, when Santa Claus comes to town...the world is a better place, if only for a little while! And, even though it might fade as we get caught up in the excitement of a New Year...Frosty promises us he'll be back next year! And, we have hope.

Something to look forward to.

And, everyone needs that in their life.

Enjoy this season! Especially this year, when so many people are experiencing difficult circumstances...

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