Things To Do With Candy Canes

Candy canes are awesome. They are delicious, and surprisingly versatile. AND, since they are only readily available at certain times of the year, you should enjoy them while you can.

Granted, I love mostly everything peppermint, but its like a "What came 1st, the chicken or the egg?" Do I love peppermint because it reminds me of a candy cane or do I love candy canes because they are peppermint? The world may never know. I, however, like to believe its the 1st one.

So, here are 10 things you can do with your candy canes...

1. Grind them into a fine powder to make a peppermint sugar.

2. Crush them into small chunks and use as a holiday garnish for cupcakes, drinks, ice cream, etc.

3. Make a festive swizzle stick to stir hot chocolate, coffee, tea, cappuccino, etc.

4. Mix them into holiday brownies, cookies, fudge, cakes, etc.

5. Melt some chocolate, then dip a pretty spoon into it and roll around in some crushed candy canes or dip the candy canes themselves for a unique stirrer (and/or party favor).

6. Make peppermint bark.

7. Grind them up for a festive glass rimmer for Christmas cocktails.

8. You can dip just about anything in chocolate, roll it in crushed candy cane, and you have a great homemade Christmas gift. Pretzels, Oreos, graham crackers...just wrap them up in a pretty cellophane bag, a festive tin or box, and tie with ribbons!

9. They make great decorations. Sure, you can hang them on the tree, but you can also fill a vase with some candy canes, tie a red bow around it and you have an instant centerpiece. The possibilities really are endless!

10. Save them away for Valentine's day...when you put 2 together they make a pretty red and white heart!

Get creative!

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