The Joys Of H2O2...

...otherwise known as hydrogen peroxide.

Let me first say, I love hydrogen peroxide. I have always loved it.

When I was little my mother used it to clean cuts and scrapes and such. I was easily distracted by the bubbles, what can I say? This was before the invention of Neosporin I think, or maybe we were just po'.

Later, I just liked to say hydrogen peroxide because my grandmother would laugh and correct me, arguing it was just peroxide. You say tomato and I say tomaaaato...

Whatever the case it seems like everything has hydrogen peroxide in it these days...from toothpaste to laundry detergent.

I have no idea why, but Mr. K's mom emailed me this morning, to tell me it was on sale at

Wal-Mart. I, however, had already purchased three 2-bottle industrial sized packs from Costo for about $3! Admittedly, I haven't tapped into my supply yet, but I have done an eensy bit of digging on what all this product can do for you.

1. Bleach alternative. Even though I LOVE the smell, Bleach itself is WAY evil to the environment, especially if it winds up in the oceans. So, go green and add a cup to your whites.

2. Whitening Toothpaste. As smart as we are, its amazing what we blindly put in our mouths. If you walk down the toothpaste aisle you're sure to see tons of pastes offering baking soda and/or peroxide. So why pay $4 a tube and get all the other crap, too? Take a tablespoon of baking soda and enough peroxide to make it a paste. Add the flavor you miss with a drop of mint extract or a pinch of cinnamon.

3. Antiseptic Mouthwash. I don't have an exact recipe for this one. I read different recommendations from a tablespoon of peroxide in a glass of water all the way up to gargling with straight peroxide. In any case, the peroxide will aid in the healing of mouth sores, kill bad breath germs, and and work on whitening in those hard to reach spots.

4. De-yellower? To remove yellowing from lace curtains or tablecloths, fill a sink with cold water and a 2 cups of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Soak for at least an hour, rinse in cold water and air dry. Again, there is a bleaching process going on here, so don't try it on darks.

5. Vegetable rinse. To help kill bacteria such as E. Coli on fruits and vegetables, add a quarter cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide to a sink full of cold water. immerse, rinse with cold water and drain. By killing bacteria this will also help keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. You can also use a spray bottle containing a 50/50 mix of 3% hydrogen peroxide and water - just spray and rinse.

6. Kill Fingernail and Toenail Fungus. Soak your fingernails or toenails in a 50/50 solution of hydrogen peroxide every day and it will kill harmful fungus.

7. Help Houseplants Grow Healthier. Mix up an ounce of hydrogen peroxide into a cup of water and spray your houseplants with this solution. It will help your houseplants grow greener and more lush. I found this one on a few sites, but never found what it actually does to the plant.

8. Remove Waxy Build Up From Your Ears. Tilt your head and put three or four drops of hydrogen peroxide into the ear that has the waxy build up. Let it set for 5-10 minutes. Then, flush your ear out carefully with warm water. Maybe better to try right before a shower. i also found 2 sites that said doing this on a regular basis in both ears prevents colds and sinus infections. Hmm...

9. Kitchen/Bathroom Sanitizer. Mix up a 50/50 solution of hydrogen peroxide and tap water and pour it into a spray bottle. Use it to sanitize your counter tops, appliances and help keep your kitchen or bathroom germ-free. Only make enough for a single use because hydrogen peroxide the peroxide breaks down. There is a reason it comes in a brown bottle! Light is the enemy. When you're done, pour the extra into the toilet to clean that too!

10. Antiseptic. We all know this one.

These were the most common household uses I found. Give them a try and let me know what works or doesn't work. If you want more information on what hydrogen peroxide really is and how it really works click here.

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