Mrs. K's Chicken, Broccoli, & Ziti

YAY...I finally found a recipe that Mr. K really liked. I know he liked it because he asked for seconds, but then again he may have just been starving because he hadn't eaten all day because of his dental escapades. I am going to be optimistic.

He mentioned the other day that he has been on a garlic kick. I love garlic, too.

He has been traveling so much...so I decided to surprise him and actually cook something. Those of you who know me well, know I don't cook. Anyway, I was at the grocery store wondering around in search of some inspiration, and for some reason I started wishing I was back home so I could go to The Pushcart, which was like this salad bar sort of restaurant. They also had awesome frozen yogurt before frozen yogurt was cool. I'm not even sure it's still around...it didn't seem to do as well after they switched locations, and it moved further away from our house.

But, I digress...the other thing I used to love there was their chicken, broccoli, and ziti. Kathy makes a pretty good copycat version. I know I have asked her for the recipe a million times, but as I said I don't cook that often so it doesn't stick in my head.

I called her again to get to recipe...and then I had to adapt it to my organicness.
Like I said, Mr. K and I both liked it...and it was easy to make.

Here is the recipe.

1 pint of organic heavy cream or 1/2 & 1/2
2 tbl of organic butter
4 organic garlic cloves, minced
1 lb of organic penne pasta (you can use whatever pasta you like)
2 organic chicken breasts (diced into bite size pieces)
1 packet of organic alfredo mix
1/4 & 1 cup of shredded organic parmesan cheese
2 cups of organic broccoli (diced into bite size pieces)

Before I start...I put a large pot on the stove (no heat) so I can throw ingredients in as I go.

Cook the pasta, drain, and rinse. This will be the 1st thing to go into your large pot.

Make the alfredo mix according to the directions. You can add additional spices according to your own taste, like basil. Add the garlic, and set to the side.

Cook the chicken, you can grill it and then chop it up...I usually chop it up and cook it in a pan. When it is cooked, add it to your sauce.

Steam the broccoli. I just put the broccoli in a bowl with a little water and microwave for 2 minutes, then drain. It should be tender, but still a little firm. Add this into the pasta bowl.

Once everything is prepared, pour the chicken and sauce over the pasta and broccoli. Add the parmesan cheese, and toss to coat.

Garnish with lemon.

If you are halfway decent at multitasking, it should take no more than 30 minutes to throw together, and it makes enough for 4-6 people.


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