...And Speaking of Gifts

I mentioned gift giving in the previous post about organic wines. Well, here is another one for you!

Organic bouquets. That's right flowers grown without pesticides or chemicals.

Do we breath that stuff in when we smell flowers?

So, if you are going to send someone flowers anyway,why not make them organic flowers? Remember, the whole point of this website is to incorporate little things that MAKE IT EASY. Do the same things you normally would...in a new and better way.

Change your life....NOT your lifestyle.

The other super cool thing about this company is they have a collection you can choose from where some of the profits go to your favorite non-profit charity!
For example, a PETA bouquet. Your friend gets flowers and you've made a small charitable contribution. What a great gift for an animal lover's birthday! You're not only a hero for giving flowers, but you look extra thoughtful for including something that's near and dear to them.!


The have all sorts of charities, too, so there is bound to be one for you. Breast Cancer, Wildlife Conservation, World Hunger, etc etc.

Keep it simple. Check it out.

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