Read The Label

I am trying really hard to get Mr. K on board with all this, although today he admitted feeling better overall. Anyway, one way I have set out to do this is showing him that it isn't necessarily always pricier to go organic.

I ran out of baby oil, which I religiously use in the bath water, especially in the summer. I have tried lots of moisturizing products, but it really does work the best.

Anyway, today I was in Walmart and a bottle of baby oil cost $3.79. So I turned the bottle over and read the ingredients - only 2. Mineral oil and fragrance. So, I went all around the pharmacy area looking for just mineral oil and no fragrance. I found it in the antacid section because mineral oil is technically sold as a "intestinal lubricant", but I digress. It was $1.47 and I am going to try it in my bath tomorrow.

The point is by just reading the label, I found a WAY cheaper alternative.

As far as the fragrance part, I sliced up some lemons real thin and put them into the bottle because the smell of lemons is energizing and uplifting.

Aromatherapy. Another use for lemons!

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