Pet Psychic

Many months ago, Mr. K's boss lost her very ill pooch. Slightly before that she enlisted the help of a psychic to set her mind at ease about different things, mainly the dog's painful condition. When Mr. K relayed the story to me it was merely a point of interest story.

Many months later I found myself at my wit's end with Timmy. He is the cat pictured here. Basically, he would randomly pee on piles of laundry. We couldn't really nail down any triggers for the behavior, and the vet had ruled out any health problems. We were at a loss. What was especially baffling was how he would do it everyday for a week and them suddenly stop for like 6 months. And then start up again. So inconsistent.

Then I remembered the pet psychic.

I asked Mr. K to get the name from his boss, but she couldn't remember it. So, we did an old-fashioned internet search. I read several websites, but ultimately chose the most professional looking site I cam across...plus she was pretty reasonably priced. All good signs as far as I was concerned.

So I emailed her a lengthy dissertation on our problem and a photo of the apple of my eye. She emailed me back a few questions and explained how she worked, then I sent her payment via PayPal and we set up a time.

Essentially she communicated with Timmy one on one and then called me to give me the scoop. She felt with problems it was best to work this way so that he didn't clam up because I was around. She was the expert, so I agreed.

It felt like forever for her to call me, but when she finally did she had lots to say...or rather Timmy did. Apparently MY indecisiveness stresses him out so much he pees.

Excuse me? I am NOT indecisive. Am I?

When I protested she gave me some very real and personal examples of my indecision. She didn't just point out the problem...she also gave us instructions on how to fix it. She, also, explained the randomness of his actions..."next time it happens, think about what's going on in YOUR life not his". Interesting.

After we got through that part of the reading, she went through his relationships with the other family members...me and Mr. K, 2 dogs, and his biological mom. Again, some very strong details came up here that really convinced me she was legit. I want to reiterate she was only given his name, photo, and problem to go on.

Finally, she just did some general things about him. Like he wanted his own blue blanket for his chair...and he was glad we finally took the Christmas tree down so he could lay in the front window again.

Did I mention this was late January? Mr. K had been travelling after the holidays and we left our tree up WAY longer than normal. And, how many cats have their own chair...not a chair they like, but their own. She could not have known those things. PERIOD.

I followed her instructions and guess what? Our problem has remained at bay.

When I told Kristi about it, she wanted to get a reading for her cat too. She waited a while, but a few days ago she finally had her reading. She felt the same way I did about the level of detail. It wasn't just a blanket reading that could apply to anyone.

If you want to get your own pet read, check out her website here.

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