Fools Rush In

As I stated before, I am easing into my new organic lifestyle in the hopes that a slower, smoother transition is more likely to stick. Baby steps!

Here are a few things I have done so far...

1.) SAVE OLD GROCERY BAGS. I have one little drawer in the kitchen for extra little bags, and they can come in handy for a variety of uses. I use them for cleaning out the litter box, liners for the bathroom trash bins, gloves picking up icky things, cleaning out the car, etc etc.

If you want to go the extra mile, bring the old ones back next time you shop, and reuse them...just put all them inside one as you are putting the groceries away, then throw them in your trunk. Don't forget this new lifestyle is going to be CONVENIENT.

To be greener still, buy 10 of the canvas-y bags and use them over and over. They are the best choice for the environment and only .99 at Office Depot.

2.) SILK. OK, I know the idea of drinking soy milk grosses you out. It grossed me out, too! I literally forced myself to spend the $1.50 in the grocery store. I had to tell myself it was only $1.50 and to "be brave". When I finally got it home, I think it was another 2 days before I actually got up the courage to try it. And, you know what? It didn't suck. Now, let me say two things...I bought the vanilla flavor and I really only use milk on my cereal. Because I don't use a lot of milk in general, I love that Silk doesn't expire as fast a regular milk. It doesn't have the smell of regular milk that grosses me out. And, it is creamier than skim milk, but WAY better for you. I'm the 2nd pickiest eater on the planet (my grandmother is #1), and I promise you it isn't gross. If you try it, and you throw up or gag, I will send you $1.50!

3.) USE CITRUS OIL to clean and polish your wood furniture. Citrus oil is organic, and it smells awesome. There are no harmful chemicals to you or the environment, like in regular cleaners. And its WAY cheaper than other cleaners! You can get a gallon at Home Depot for like $5, and dilute it down. Check it out!

Again, my hopes for this blog are that you can find something simple that you can use. I am not looking to convert you to a scary new way of thinking that takes up a ton of time and money and is more trouble than its worth. If you are like me (read: lazy), you would make changes and better choices if it wasn't a big hassle. And, don't forget to pass on the link to your friends.

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BostonMaggie said...

"It didn't suck"

Wow! That's a resounding endorsement! Pardon me if I stick with Hood whole milk while I eat my tollhouse cookies.