Stop Junkmail

Shopping online opens a catalog floodgate! Sadly, I know first hand. My mailbox, literally, overflows some days. And, 90% of the time I don't even read them.

Up until my new found organicness I never gave throwing them directly in the trash a 2nd thought. In fact, I wouldn't even bring them in the house, they went directly into the trash!

But, I may have found a better way! Why not stop them from coming in the first place? It is a small act that will save me some time & aggravation, and also save a bazillion trees at the same time. Win win.

I got the website from 2 reliable sources, one of which is the Sierra Club which has been around since 1892.

All you do is make an account with your name, email, and address. Then, as the catalogs come in, you enter them in and they remove you from the mailing lists. SIMPLE!

Check it out!

Catalog Choice - Eliminate unwanted catalogs you receive in the mail

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